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Namco has taken on two new apprentices.


This will ensure that these young persons will have the ability to produce high quality tooling.

A further trainee grinder, is now working on the thread grinding section, and is making excellent progress.

Two more apprentice engineers are planned to start soon and will receive a thorough basic training during this first year.

Welcome to Namco Tooling

Namco Tooling is a world-leader in the manufacturer of dieheads, Coventry chasers, thread rolling heads and thread rolls. Our tools are specified by engineers throughout the world for producing high precision threads at the lowest unit cost. Our full range of products is vast, and our knowledge of threading second-to-none.

In 2001, Namco Tooling acquired the complete Genuine Coventry chaser range, thus completing the most extensive portfolio of threading tools in Europe.

Original manufacturing drawings and records, dating back over 60 years, are now exclusive to Namco Tooling, along with all the necessary plant and equipment to meet world demand. Thousands of sets of standard Coventry chasers have been added to stock, and we are now offering an unrivalled service on specials.



Namco Dieheads

60namcodieheadfpNamco Dieheads are the ultimate thread-cutting system for producing threaded parts in high volume. Namco circular chasers combine high precision with the lowest cost per part and produce millions of threads every day throughout the world.



Coventry Dieheads and Chasers

60coventrychasersfpNamco Tooling provides top quality Coventry Chasers manufactured by us to the highest standards.  We have thousands of sets in stock, and offer an unrivalled service on specials.



Thread Rolling Heads

60threadrollingfpNamco Tooling provides a range of products and services for Axial and Tangential thread rolling. We have a full range of Rolling Heads for every application.



Thread Rolls

60threadrollsfpNamco is the UK’s No 1 manufacturer of thread rolls offering an unrivalled service to users of the following thread-rolling systems:


Axial Heads (Fette Alco & Wagner)


Tangential (Fette Alco Reed)


Radial (Fette & Winter)


Machine Rolls (all marques)


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"The introduction of Namco thread rolling heads has enabled us to significantly reduce our costs through shorter cycle times, less changeovers and increased quality.

The team at Namco is very knowledgable and has helped us tackle major production challenges"


United Kingdom


We recommend NAMCO TOOLING LTD as a high quality manufacturer of precision thread rolls and chasers. NAMCO tools are manufactured in short time –with on time delivery and many rolls are stock items.
GRIP team

Namco’s Coventry Chasers are top quality and their stock is good. Deliveries are usually next day throughout the whole range.
Howard Lee